Spirit Seekers Eastertide Class

 A new series: “The Problem of Otherness”

Sunday May 8—Session Two

Chapter 2: “Distance & Belonging”

Spirit Seekers Eastertide Class

How do we heal our suspicion, fear, anger towards the  Other? Lines dividing ethnic, racial, and national groups  are growing sharper and deeper. Bitterness, anger, and  violence increase. Does our faith provide resources to  deal with the problem of otherness?

This Spirit Seekers class is a six week study of “Exclusion And Embrace: A  theological reflection on Identity, Otherness and Reconciliation” by Miroslav Volf, a systematic theologian  at Yale. Volf contends that the primary sin has now  become exclusion of the Other and that the healing word  of the gospel provides the best way to address this  divisiveness.

Drawing on the New Testament theme of reconciliation,  Volf proposes the idea of embrace as a theological  response to the problem of exclusion. He supports his  arguments throughout with close analysis of biblical texts.

Tom Brunkow and Rich Garner will lead an exploration of  the book’s themes and relate them to current struggles in Ukraine, in our country, and in our own communities. We  will meet in the Church Lounge at 9:00 a.m.

Sunday May 15—Session Three

Chapter 3: “Exclusion”

All are welcome. The study concludes on Pentecost, June 5.