Risk-Taking Mission

Christ calls us to be active in service to our community, as well as to advocate and organize with those who are seeking justice in their lives. Risk-taking mission and service takes us into ministries that push us out of our comfort zone, and stretches us beyond the circle of relationships and practices that routinely define our faith commitments. God uses such ministries to expose us to situations that we might not ordinarily encounter and that reveal spiritual qualities and practice talents that we have yet to discover.

At First UMC we feed the homeless and fight to end hunger, serve to make our Pasadena community better, advocate for sober living, host annual world markets, and raise donations to combat hunger around the globe. Focusing on the needs of local, national and international groups, our congregation responds with their time, talents and finances.

We are involved in more than 11 mission activities, and are always looking for more ways to serve.  Through our service, we work toward improving our community, both locally, nationally and internationally as we become disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.